Blu-ray joins with DVD vs HD DVD

December 31, 2004

Categories: Technology

The battle to be the dominant format in the next generation of DVD technology gets fiercer.

In a format war reminiscent of the video battle between betamax and VHS, two opposed technologies: Blue-ray, and High Definition DVD (HD DVD) are both poised to continue the DVD market to the next level.

However, as with video, confusion over which is the better format to buy in for the long-term presents problems for consumers, who are likely to be scared off from investing in a format that could be dead within 5 years.

To help push the battle lines closer to home, JVC have unveiled a new disc that combines Blu-ray technology with standard DVD technology, producing a hybrid that can deliver 33.5 GBs of usable space.

This continues to help push Blue-ray into a favoured position, especially if consumers could move seamlessly into the new technology.

Link: Blu-ray joins with DVD vs HD DVD