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Small Business News

Latest business, internet, and technology news:

Microsoft complies with EU antitrust ruling

After a three-year battle, Microsoft has finally agreed to comply with a 2004 EU court antitrust ruling. The company will now make workgroup server interoperability information available to open source developers. It will amend licensing terms for the software, to allow recipients to copy, modify and redistribute it in accordance with the open source business model. Microsoft [...

eBay launches microfinance site

IBM and MediaTck develop ultra-fast chip

Scientists create palm-sized supercomputers

Ubuntu releases Linux OS version 7.10

Companies release copyright guidelines

Researchers add ‘common sense’ to computers

Apple’s Leopard operating system imminent

Samsung develops laptop displays with 10,000:1 contrast

YouTube protects copyright with filtering tools

Business Blog

Latest blog posts and business guides:

Marketing potential in global markets

Sandra Niehaus visits WebbyConnect 2007 and provides a seriously in-depth coverage - but something that really struck out was the presentation by Vint Cert on internet use and presentation as measured across the globe: Live from WebbyConnect 2007 - part 3 Approximately 3.6 billion telephone terminal, including 2.5 billion mobiles Asia has 436.8 million internet users, but only [...

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The Importance of Planning

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