E-marketing News

September 28, 2004

Categories: Search Engines

I’m currently reading Mike Grehan’s Search Engine book, and it’s a very enlightening exploration of how search engines work, packed with very useful information. The worst part of it is that I’m reading the Second Edition, which basically covers up to 2001 in great detail, with only a few sections updated since then - though a Third Edition is apparently due very soon, and I will definitely be reading that,

The point of this post though is to point out Mike Grehan’s other site, E-marketing News, because that also appears to contain a lot of useful information - and it’s all free, too. One of Mike’s key strength’s is that he has made a point of interviewing a number of people within the search engine industry itself - the develops and managers of search engines. For example, check out the April 2004 archive, for an interview with Jon Glick, head of Yahoo! search…

Link: E-marketing News