February 27, 2006

Google open Base for payments

by Brian Turner


Google will soon be allowing people to trade goods on Google Base, using their newly unveiled Google Payments system.

A reputation system may also be built into the payment system, allowing buyers to recognise which merchants have a good reputation.

This would effectively allow Google to directly compete with established shopping channels, such as eBay and Yahoo! shopping, as well as offering competition with Paypal.

While Google are currently the juggernaut of search, reception of their exploration into other commercial areas has been mixed. Various complaints have been raised that other Google products have been “me too” products, rather than attempts at creating market leaders.

Even still, Google’s wide development of internet applications means that at some future point, Google will be in a position to wall off a significant section of the internet for itself, and use it’s expanding suite of tools to serve a comprehensive range of services.

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