July 5, 2007

Jelsoft sold as vbulletin blogs go live

by Brian Turner

Computers & Internet

Jelsoft – the developers of popular community messageboard software vbulletin – has announced that it has been sold to US company Internet Brands.

Closely following the announcement came news that Jelsoft has released Project Tools – a Project Management tool integrated into vbulletin.

Jelsoft also have a beta version of vbulletin blogs – a blog software platform also integrated into vbulletin – currently running live on their support forums.

While the new product releases offer exciting potential for forum owners, many vbulletin owners are also concerned about the impact of the purchase of Jelsoft by Internet Brands.

While Internet Brands and Jelsoft have been keen to emphasise mutual support and benefits, acquisitions of internet companies do not always run smoothly. User support is commonly perceived to be trimmed back after a company acquisition, and vbulletin users are watching carefully to see how the development may or may not affect them.

In the meantime, the release of Project Tools and imminent release of vbulletin blogs will certainly provide an interesting distraction in the meantime.

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