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Old 18-10-2005, 10:13 AM
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Default HSBC birthday phishing scam

So I received an e-mail purportedly from HSBC today, which states that HSBC are celebrating their 5th year of internet banking with a holiday prize draw.

It's a phishing scam that asks users to login and perform some action on their personal banking site.

However, the complete change of tact from telling people they must log on for security reasons, to telling them to log on to win a prize, is a scary and dangerous change in tact can only be disarming for many.

In fact, unlike a lot of phishing scams, hovering a cursor over the links showed them as apparently for the bona fide HSBC perosnal banking domain. In fact, I had to ring HSBC to ensure that this was a phishing scam and not HSBC being entirely irresponsible with an e-mail promotion.
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Old 18-10-2005, 10:58 AM
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Default Re: HSBC birthday phishing scam

MMmm - I'd certainly like to see a copy of that email, the fact they are cloaking the URL when you do a mouse-over means that the phishers are getting better...

It's about time that ISP's got their act together an introduced a STANDARD method of authenticating the origin of emails... I know that there are a couple of systems currently in effect (rDNS & SPF) that are supposed to help stop spoofed email addresses, but we really do need a good STANDARD system to protect those who may not think twice about clicking the links in these phishing emails

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