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August 22, 2007

STFU about traffic

Link: STFU about traffic

by Brian Turner

One of the huge pitfalls of marketing these days is that too many persons and companies are chasing traffic - rather than targeted traffic.
It’s reminiscent of the late 90’s dotcom boom, where the focus was simply on gaining visitors - without worrying about any kind of call to action (CTA) being achieved.
And what’s more worrying […]


February 28, 2007

The Ultimate Guide to Google News publishing

Link: The Ultimate Guide to Google News publishing

by Brian Turner

If you’re building websites, you’re publishing.
And if you’re publishing websites whose focus is delivering information first, then you’re effectively an online magazine already.
If you’re a website publishing news, you’re effectively an online newspaper.
One of the great opportunities for news publishing is news syndication - it offers exclusive streams of traffic via news aggregation sites, and […]


January 17, 2007

Explaining what SEO’s do

Link: Explaining what SEO’s do

by Brian Turner

All this week I’ve been reading confusion on blogs and forums about what SEO’s actually do.
It seems a common perception is that SEO is simply the following:
i. Title tags
ii. meta tags
iii. h tags
iv. alt tags
And once done, any site can rank for a keyword such as “mortgages”.
Firstly, unless you have a very authoritative site in […]


January 11, 2007

Content strategies for traffic and sales

Link: Content strategies for traffic and sales

by Brian Turner

One of the key mantras at present for marketing and promotional - especially SEO - purposes, is to focus on developing great and unique content on your website.
There are various options available - but all of them are likely to require a significant investment of both time and money.
The question is whether the investment may […]


August 31, 2006

Interview with Brian Turner

Link: Interview with Brian Turner

by Brian Turner

Brian Turner is the director of both Britecorp Marketing, and Platinax Internet.
Key to his approach to business is a focus on strong customer care and providing real value for money.
Brian is an internationally known business consultant and SEO.

You’ve established an internet presence, and often promote the internet as a business medium. […]


May 2, 2006

How to increase your online sales for free

Link: How to increase your online sales for free

by Brian Turner

How to increase your online sales for free
The internet is a fact of life in the UK, with over 40 million households in Britain now subscribed to broadband.
Ecommerce and online sales continue to boom while the high street declines, but connecting with potential customers online can be a challenge for any business.
However, there are […]


December 30, 2005

The Search by John Battelle

Link: The Search by John Battelle

by Brian Turner

The Search by John Battelle is essentially a wander through the history of search engines - how they developed, and how they transformed the internet.
You might sort of figure that out by the subtitle: “How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture”.
It’s not a technical book - it simply […]


December 15, 2005

Links are dead - long live links!

Link: Links are dead - long live links!

by Brian Turner

By Brian Turner

Links are dead – long live links
Clickstream indicates quality
Building for Clickstream
Clickstream vs Links
Are links dead then?

Links are dead – long live links!
Links for SEO are already dead. A lot of people haven’t realised that yet.
More specifiically, I’m talking about links for SEO in Google - the use of link building to increase rankings […]


October 15, 2005

The Four SEO’s

Link: The Four SEO’s

by Brian Turner

(being a spoof of Monty Python’s “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch)
Aye, very passable, that, very passable bit of ranking.

Nothing like a good ranking for a competitive keyword, eh, Josiah?
You’re right there, Obadiah.

Who’d have thought a year ago we’d all be sittin’ here with high rankings for competitive keywords, eh?

In them days […]


Presidential Speech against Search Engine Optimization

Link: Presidential Speech against Search Engine Optimization

by Brian Turner

Mr Speaker, people of the house, my fellow Americans, we are gathered here today to pay our full attention to that which threatens our liberties most: the terror that is Search Engine optimization.
Oh, I know there are many corrupt people across the world who think nothing wrong of Search Engine optimization. I tell you now: […]


October 6, 2005

Introduction to using mod_rewrite

Link: Introduction to using mod_rewrite

by Brian Turner

Why mod_rewrite is important
Mod_rewrite is an important topic, because one of the biggest development issues for the online business is having a site that is friendly to search engines.
This is because search engines of all types have become the major way for people to find not just information, but also products and services.
The problem […]


September 7, 2005

Copywriting for search marketing

Link: Copywriting for search marketing

by Brian Turner

Writing good copy - the search marketer problem

Mike Grehan, in his Search Engine Book commented on how search engines were looking to create a figure like a little old lady librarian, who could tell exactly what you needed most, with the least amount of information you told her.
As part of Google’s more recent drive to […]


July 23, 2005

Introduction to Link Building

Link: Introduction to Link Building

by Brian Turner

General tips on using targeted link building

Links can be very useful for ranking webpages in a very targeted way - and the more competitive a search term, often the more important it is to have links in volumes from a range of different sources, targeting your pages with your preferred keywords.
However, a big mistake (in […]


December 29, 2004

Web Directories

Link: Web Directories

by Brian Turner

Best Internet Directories
Most directories offer minimal traffic. If you’re looking for lots of sales, don’t ever rely on a single directory. And even submission to a large number of directories isn’t going to bring in a great number of sales leads.
That’s because most surfers don’t usually turn to a directory to find a site - […]


August 15, 2004

Search Engine Marketing Book by Mike Grehan

Link: Search Engine Marketing Book by Mike Grehan

by Brian Turner

The Short Review
If you’re looking to perform SEO at a professional level, you absolutely need to know how search engines work - not just today, but how they are likely to work tomorrow.
Mike’s Grehan’s Search Engine Book does exactly that, following the trail of how search engines started, how they have developed into today - […]


SEO Book by Aaron Wall

Link: SEO Book by Aaron Wall

by Brian Turner

SEO Book by Aaron Wall

The Short Review:
Simply put, if you’re new to SEO, need to learn more about it, or generally want an introduction to search marketing, then SEO Book by Aaron Wall is the ideal primer.
It deals with the core fundamentals of SEO, and covers a range of issues from beginner to intermediate, […]


February 21, 2004

Optimizing for Yahoo!

Link: Optimizing for Yahoo!

by Brian Turner

Introducing Yahoo
As we all know, as of Tuesday 17th February 2004, Yahoo dropped Google as the major provider of its search engine results. Google responded to this loss of a significant section of the market share of the search engine market by going on a charm offensive, pointing out with glee how much more the […]


February 13, 2004

A Basic Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

Link: A Basic Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

by Brian Turner

This article will briefly and simply explain the very basic process of Search Engine Optimization - what is involved, and why. This document is comprised of the following short sections:


What is Search Engine Optimisation

What does SEO do?


What is a Search Engine?

Which Search Engines are important?

How does SEO do it?

Keyword Use

Link architecture

Google and PageRank

How Google […]


January 15, 2004

Rise of the Directory

Link: Rise of the Directory

by Brian Turner

Why directories can be important
This article seeks to explore the relvancy and usefulness of directories for search engine optimisation purposes. The article is split into the following areas:

Florida, Hilltop, and Directories
Directories as Expert documents
How directories may help ranking
Directories: Important notes

Florida, Hilltop, and Directories
On November 12th 2003, what seemed like an otherwise minor and innocuous update […]


Link Exchanges

Link: Link Exchanges

by Brian Turner

As part of a wider link-building program, setting up a link exchange either through a single page or an installed directory can be a good idea.
However, of all the link-building tactics this is possibly the weakest.
On the one hand, you can build up a wide linkage with other sites. In terms of theme […]


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