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Interview with Roy Troxel

Link: Interview with Roy Troxel

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Roy Troxel is the editor of the Web Server Times, an online publication for the IT industry.
Roy has been in the IT business for twelve years and started his own company, Cyber-Routes, in 2002. He has a BA from Cornell University and is a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW).
The Web Server Times features articles on […]

Business Broadband services

Link: Business Broadband services

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Business broadband services reviewed:

BT Business Broadband
Pipex Business Broadband
Tiscali Business Broadband

BT Business Broadband

Setting up was not easy - BT did not have up to date information on newly built properties, so they were unable to process my actual postal address.
They instead insisted on registering the account with the building plot number, which caused serious problems later […]

Internet Statistics: Is This You?

Link: Internet Statistics: Is This You?

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According to the Pew Reports on the Internet and American Life, the general statistics of users of the Internet break down this way: “the average American Internet user is young, ‘European-American’, employed, well-educated, affluent and suburban.” This represents the so-called “digital divide” between Internet users and the rest of the country. The survey was taken […]

The Layman’s Handbook to Doing Business Online

Link: The Layman’s Handbook to Doing Business Online

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The Layman’s Handbook to Doing Business Online
Expanded 2nd Edition by
Aaron Turpen
This manual probably should be called The Beginner’s Handbook, because it’s an introduction for beginners to the world of e-marketing small businesses. However, since we all tend to forget the basics from time to time, it’s worth a quick read. Or, it’s a book […]

Try FuseMail For Mail Away from Home

Link: Try FuseMail For Mail Away from Home

Filed under: Internet by Roy Troxel

Product Review
Ever been stranded in a Starbucks or other Wi-Fi hot-spot and can’t get your email, because your copy of Outlook is configured on your PC at home? Or maybe your address book is on your other laptop, not the one you brought with you?
This is the kind of problem that FuseMail might solve. If […]

The Zombies Are Among Us!

Link: The Zombies Are Among Us!

Filed under: Internet, Security by Roy Troxel

They could be anywhere - your home, your office, your ISP. They stand awaiting your orders. They are the zombies of the Internet!
Zombies are computers - servers, workstations or laptops - that have been compromised by hackers and have had Trojan horse software deposited on their hard drives, which are awaiting the time […]