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Old 23-10-2006, 10:33 AM
Brian Turner's Avatar
Brian Turner Brian Turner is offline
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Default Email marketing

Ran an email marketing campaign for Platinax two weeks ago using targeting companies in the North East.

Got to admit the results were very disappointing, but a key error I made was to not use tracking.

Even simply referring readers to a single URL which only they could access would have helped show traffic from the email campaign.

The way I did actually look to track the campaign was:

1. Significant increase in visitors
2. Significant increase in forum sign ups
3. Significant increase in directory submissions
4. Advertising enquiries

As it happened, there were no significant increases in any of these areas.

In fact, I wouldn't have even known the campaign had gone out if it wasn't for about a dozen autoresponder emails back.

Also, I was accused of spamming by one company, and two companies sent unsubscribe emails.

Altogether, I felt that I'd pretty much wasted a few hundred quid on the campaign, but there were a couple of lessons learned:

1. Email marketing is untargeted
2. Email marketing works on volume
3. Be aware of negative reputation - ie, seen to be spamming
4. Use tracking to ensure you know user response rate

In the meantime, I've found that simply posted ads on forums is easily better in terms of getting a targeted response and good ROI.

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Old 23-10-2006, 12:19 PM
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Natkits Natkits is offline
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Default Re: Email marketing

Sounds like a valuable lesson well learned Brian

There is such a massive amount of email spam being sent to us all these days that imo, anything unsolicited gets the same reaction from me.... binned/unsubscribed/deleted etc.

Whereas postings/ads i see on forums i frequent always seem to have much more value... as long as theyre appropriate to the forum theyre on.
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Old 24-10-2006, 07:58 AM
mbm mbm is offline
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Default Re: Email marketing

Good lesson. Brian.

It is pity that there are so many spam e-mails these days and it is extremely difficult to pass a creative message to the people.

By the way, it would be educational to see the text of the message you try to pass by this email marketing campaign.
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Old 25-10-2006, 05:38 AM
bermuda bermuda is offline
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Default Re: Email marketing

Thanks Brian for letting us know about your experience.

Unfortunately what you say is quite true nowadays.

Due to the large number of smap emails spreading across the web everyday, people have already a negative attitude towards every email marketing campaign.

Even if it be a legitimate and informative one.
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Old 01-01-2007, 05:05 PM
papia papia is offline
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Default Re: Email marketing

Though, thereare many spam emails, but yet, email marketing is a powerful tool for online marketing. It is tricky matter and is not an easy task.
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Old 30-01-2007, 11:13 AM
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Default Re: Email marketing

Email Broadcast is a delicate subject, However, used correctly with a reputable company can work as desired!
Firstly it needs to be a fully managed trackable send which allows the user to see results real time, See the click throughs, which links are being used, and even see what the consumer is doing once they get onto your site.
To send large volume, it needs to be done correctly other wise providers will shut your server down.

My 2p worth
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Old 11-06-2007, 04:39 PM
kundalini kundalini is offline
Join Date: Feb 2005
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Default Re: Email marketing

Shame it cost you a few hundred pounds Brian but I'm afraid that your experience is pretty typical of email marketing to anything other than your own house list. I mean just think of your own in-box and how you respond to the various emails that arrive each week. Even newsletters that I subscribed to tend to get put in a folder then once a month I might speed read 50 or so.

Moral of the story. Build your own double opt-in list by giving away something of value. Agree with the your point about tracking.

In terms of direct (snail mail) marketing it is often possible to find a winning combination in amongst a loss making test run. The key is to conduct 4 or 5 small tests and then go with the winners while abandoning those that don't produce the desired level of response.
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Old 23-06-2007, 11:55 AM
-=seth=- -=seth=- is offline
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Default Re: Email marketing

Brian sorry to be blunt but if you buy a mailing list then it is unsolicited email ie 'spam.' You really can harm your companies image, also if somebody reports you to spamcop or similar organisation your site could be blacklisted which would ruin you as far as search engine traffic goes (honestly mate, be thankful you only lost a few hundred quid)

tracking who has opened your emails can be quite simple, if you have html embeded in the email, when the email is opened it will have to take the images off your server, all you have to do is track how many time that image has been downloaded

has anybody tried running an email marketing campaign by themselves, i've used constant contact before, but to cut cost i thought about doing it using outlook, all that you need is there, unfortunately i've heard some ISP automatically delete all emails if you send more than 15 at a time, is this true, im using Tiscali as my ISP
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