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Interview with Tony Ryan

Link: Interview with Tony Ryan

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Tony Ryan is the director of TWD Hosting, which was setup in 2004 to service the business sector of the hosting / development industry, because we specialise in B2B web solutions we use only the very best technology and servers – Business users demand the very best in both support and uptime, they want solutions […]

Storage Servers

Link: Storage Servers

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Storage Servers
Backing up server data is one of the less-celebrated duties of the network admin or webmaster. Nobody tells you:”Say, that was a great backup job you did last night!”
There’s nothing flashy or cutting-edge about backup duties. It’s just a job that has to be done. In fact, sometimes it isn’t done as […]

Serving up the Future

Link: Serving up the Future

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Smart Dust:
Serving Up the Future
Intranets and networks are evolving rapidly today in the R&D departments of various high-tech companies, where Moore’s Law rules above all.
The basic trend behind the “new” line of servers and clients is that they are becoming smaller and smaller.
>Smart Dust
Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley […]

Beware the Buffer-Stack Overflow!

Link: Beware the Buffer-Stack Overflow!

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The what?
The buffer-stack overflow attack is an ingenious, if complex, method for hackers to seize control of your server.
So, what is a buffer stack overflow? Let’s say you’re working on a large document in an application that requires a lot of memory, and your PC freezes, and you get the “blue screen of death.” […]