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How to combat spam on vbulletin forums

Link: How to combat spam on vbulletin forums

Filed under: Webmaster, Security by Brian Turner

Forum spam - the problem
NOTE: This article was originally written for Security Watch: How to Fight Forum Spamming
Forum spam isn’t simply a problem for forum admins - it’s a rapidly expanding industry for spammers, and scammers.
Forum spamming can be done by human users - often cheap labour from developing countries - but more worrying has […]

Interview with Roy Troxel

Link: Interview with Roy Troxel

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Roy Troxel is the editor of the Web Server Times, an online publication for the IT industry.
Roy has been in the IT business for twelve years and started his own company, Cyber-Routes, in 2002. He has a BA from Cornell University and is a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW).
The Web Server Times features articles on […]

How to deal with spam IPs

Link: How to deal with spam IPs

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The problem of automated comment spamming
One of the more serious concerns of the internet these days is spam.
And not email spam, either.
I’m talking about automated comment spamming of online forms.
Scripts exist that will crawl the internet, looking for online forms - which they then fill with a pre-determined set of data.
Often this will include links […]

Web Security ROI

Link: Web Security ROI

Filed under: Security by Brian Turner

Web Security ROI
In 2003, following the IT business downturn and slumping stock market, many companies were tightening their IT budgets. This meant instituting new policies in terms of what is financially best for the company; i.e., the company’s ROI. The new policies could include layoffs, in which case, this would mean that systems administrators, PC […]

Security begins with you

Link: Security begins with you

Filed under: Security by Brian Turner

The biggest security threat to any business or organisation is you.
No matter how secure a system is coded, human user vulnerabilities can undermine the most meticulous coding and procedures.
Here are a few simple ways to try and help reduce these risks:

Don’t tell anyone your password
Of course, also avoid telling anyone your passwords. Don’t share it […]

The Zombies Are Among Us!

Link: The Zombies Are Among Us!

Filed under: Internet, Security by Roy Troxel

They could be anywhere - your home, your office, your ISP. They stand awaiting your orders. They are the zombies of the Internet!
Zombies are computers - servers, workstations or laptops - that have been compromised by hackers and have had Trojan horse software deposited on their hard drives, which are awaiting the time […]

Honeypots and The Cybernetic Sting

Link: Honeypots and The Cybernetic Sting

Filed under: Security by Roy Troxel

Honeypots can be described as entrapment or “sting” methods to snare the would-be attackers of your network. (Remember the movie in which Newman and Redford ensnared the rival gangster?) Honeypots are servers or workstations that are deliberately exposed to attackers and just waiting for the attackers to expose themselves. The attacker thinks that he is […]

Hackers’ Methods - Part Two

Link: Hackers’ Methods - Part Two

Filed under: Security by Roy Troxel

The Trojan Horse
The name of this hacking technique comes from a Greek legend describing a covert operation in which an army of Greeks delivered the gift of a giant wooden horse to the citizens of Troy. The unsuspecting Trojans then hauled the huge monument to a position inside their city walls. When night came, however, […]

Hackers’ Methods, Part One

Link: Hackers’ Methods, Part One

Filed under: Security by Roy Troxel

Good morning, everyone! Today we’re going to talk about hackers’ methods - some of the devious ways that unscrupulous surfers can break into your PC or network. This is the first of two articles on the subject. (You might also read yesterday’s piece on Social Engineering.)
The Hacker/Cracker Mentality
We’re not talking about script-kiddies here. You know, […]

Beware the Buffer-Stack Overflow!

Link: Beware the Buffer-Stack Overflow!

Filed under: WebHosting, Security by Roy Troxel

The what?
The buffer-stack overflow attack is an ingenious, if complex, method for hackers to seize control of your server.
So, what is a buffer stack overflow? Let’s say you’re working on a large document in an application that requires a lot of memory, and your PC freezes, and you get the “blue screen of death.” […]

Hackers and Painters

Link: Hackers and Painters

Filed under: Reviews, Security, Books by Roy Troxel

Hackers and Painters
By Paul Graham
O’Reilly Books
Sebastapol, CA.
259 pages
This is essentially a collection of essays by a multi-talented Web developer whose qualifications for writing a book like
this are considerable. Graham and his partner Robert Morris built the ViaWeb storefront platform, which they sold to Yahoo
in 1998 for $49 million. The jacket blurb […]